We board Miniature Horses, Ponies, Full Size Horses

We welcome all riding disciplines 

We DO NOT board Stallions


January 1, 2022

Stall Boarding

Stalls are 12 x 12 with sliding Doors and windows, chain link between them for plenty of ventilation.  Stalls are offered for Self Care and Full Care.

FULL CARE - $600 a month

Feed, Hay done twice daily. 

*We furnish feed, hay, shavings and clean stall.*

***If a special feed is needed, supplements or hay...OWNER is responsible for buying and keeping it here at the farm for their horse.***


PARTIAL CARE - $475 a month

Feed hay twice daily.

*You furnish feed, hay.  We furnish the shavings and cleaning of the stall.*

SELF CARE - $400 a month

*You furnish feed, hay and cleaning of stall. *

Boarding Application needs to be filled out and email to :



January 1, 2022

Pasture Boarding

Pasture boarding is available with individual pastures with shelter.

SELF CARE - $300 A month per horse

*You furnish feed and hay.  You take care of your horse.*

I have held off as long as I could but I had to raise my prices due to feed and hay almost doubling                             in price.  I am sorry but I have to do this to stay in business.